The application fields of our products are in construction of buildings, housing schemes, petroleum, natural gas, aerospace, shipbuilding, coal, chemicals, automobile manufacturing etc.

Zenith Group of Companies offers a diverse but integrated range of construction and engineering materials which could be categorized into the following.

  • » Structural and architectural works
  • » Civil engineering works
  • » Infrastructure works.
  • » Engineering design with projects.

We are catering to construction work such as following and any other construction work which are not included in this.

  • » Multi storey commercial buildings
  • » Construction of star class hotels and Resorts
  • » Residential complexes
  • » Individually designed luxury homes
  • » Hospitals
  • » Construction of Healthcare facilities
  • » Educational Institutions
  • » Schools
  • » Eco- friendly buildings
  • » Warehouses and
  • » Factories

Foresight and Future Strategies

We need foresight and strategy to embark on a journey of success. These qualities lead to the path of growth and it is imperative to combine these forces in an organization. We endeavour to be one of the most competitive companies in the industry with emphasis on efficiency, reliability and thrust to discover market trends. We are an organization that combines modern technology, managerial skills and human resources to revitalize people‘s lives. Zenith Group of Companies as your trusted Quality Products Supplier, rest assured that your requirements will be well taken care of to your entire satisfaction.

Customer Service

Our commitment to customer support is verified by the fact that we have repeated customers. Support is provided by the company‘s team of technicians whose main function is to provide a complete service to customers to ensure that products they purchase from us are in good condition. Priority is to solve hardships in the quickest possible manner. Response to problems is immediate within the warranty period and within which time replacement are provided and repairs are carried out free of charge.

Zenith Group of Companies is committed to helping its customers effectively and we consider this role a privilege. To put into its context, we keep constant vigilance and unrelenting commitment. We are prepared to go extra mile to help our customers.


We are well equipped with powerful integrated technologies and have a team of professional staff. We have state-of-the-art office equipment, high-tech communication facilities leading to expedition of the entire process. To put into its context, all our staff members have experience and realize the job requirement completely.